Optolink, a parent company of Isocom, has been designing, developing and manufacturing optoelectronic components and packaging since 1990. It specialises in research and development into fiber optic and telecom applications.

Optolink is established manufacturer of optoelectronic compnonents for major industries. We have been designing visual, infra-red, emitter/detector, and custom products for the following industries:

                   Telecommunications            Aerospace & Defence
                   Medical                              Instrumentation

Since its conception, Optolink has been involved in researching optoelectronics and has been rewarded in the past with SMART awards from the Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) in the UK. Our customer base includes companies like MatraBae, Motorola, Thales, and JDS.

The company was founded by Thomas Bayat with 26 years experience in optoelectronics engineering and technology, and has realised many patents as a result of hard work.

Although based in the North East of England, there is a worldwide distribution network in place to ensure timely delivery as Optolink is set to offer solutions to designers and manufacturers in the hope of them acheiving their ultimate product development.

In addition, we are offering packaging of optoelectronic components for customers who have reached their maximum capacity. Our cleanroom facility can provide high standards of assembly and testing to meet the most complicated and gruelling of specifications.

For medical, telecomm devices and industrial devices, our screeing process has the ability to meet with MIL883 standards.